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Our HOLZMA HPP380 and HPP300 Production Beam Saws are the latest in automated cutting machinery - they are the heartbeat of the business and the first stage of the process so it has to be precise.
At Cutwrights, we offer a unique reliable cutting service; working from your instructions we can cut an extensive collection of sheet materials, to size, on time and fast.

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Our CNC controlled saws are capable of cutting sheet sizes up to 3.8m long x 3.8m wide and sheet thicknesses up to 80mm with a sizing accuracy of 0.1mm +/-

The saws have 2 blades, 1 specifically designed to cut the underside of the panel to ensure that your panels are cut chip free.

These blades must remain sharp at all times to ensure a clean crisp cut , therefore our saws are preset to warn the operator when the saw blades have reached the end of their optimum cutting performance. When this warning is reached the saw operators change the blades and continue with the cutting process again. The Air flotation table ensures that sensitive materials can be moved through the machine without risk of damage. Panels can also be labelled for your convenience making identifying your component parts easier.

HOLZMA HPP300 Production Beam Saw
HOLZMA HPP380 Production Beam Saw